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30. novembril ja 1. detsembril toimunud  183. COSTi vanemametnike komitee  kinnitas 30 uut COSTi projekti. Projektide ettevalmistamisel osalesid 34 riigi teadlased, kõige aktiivsemad ja edukamad olid sellel korral itaallased. Eesti teadlased olid kaasatud seitsme projekti ettevalmistamisesse  (FA1104, FA1105, TD1107, FP1103, ES1105, ES1106, IS1104).

Informatsioon  koos projektide lühikirjeldustega asub

Kõigis allpool loetletud projektides saavad osaleda ka Eesti teadlased. Kontakteeruge COSTi Eesti koordinaatori Ülle Mustaga (

Biomeditsiin ja and molekulaarsed bioteadused (BMBS)
BM1105 GnRH deficiency: Elucidation of the neuroendocrine control of human reproduction
BM1106 The Genes in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Research Network Europe (GENIEUR)

Keemia ja molekulaarsed teadused ning tehnoloogiad (CMST)
CM1106 Chemical Approaches to Targeting Drug Resistance in Cancer Stem Cells
CM1105 Functional metal complexes that bind to biomolecules
CM1104 Reducible oxide chemistry, structure and functions

Teadused Maast, bioloogiline mitmekesisus ning keskkonna juhtimine (ESSEM)
ES1106 Assessment of EUROpean AGRIculture WATer use and trade under climate change (EURO-AGRIWAT)
ES1105 Cyanobacterial blooms and toxins in water resources: Occurrence, impacts and management.
ES1104 Arid Lands Restoration and Combat of Desertification: Setting Up a Drylands and Desert Restoration Hub

Toit ja põllumajandus (FA)
FA1105 Towards a sustainable and productive EU organic greenhouse horticulture
FA1106 An integrated systems approach to determine the developmental mechanisms controlling fleshy fruit quality in tomato and grapevine
FA1104 Sustainable production of high-quality cherries for the European market

Metsad, nende tooted ja teenused (FPS)
FP1103 Fraxinus dieback in Europe: elaborating guidelines and strategies for sustainable management (FRAXBACK)
FP1106 STReESS – Studying Tree Responses to extreme Events: a SynthesiS
FP1105 Understanding wood cell wall structure, biopolymer interaction and composition: implications for current products and new material innovation
FP1104 New possibilities for print media and packaging – combining print with digital

Info- ja kommunikatsioonitehnoloogiad (ICT)
IC1106 Integrating Biometrics and Forensics for the Digital Age
IC1104 Random Network Coding and Designs over GF(q)
IC1105 3D-ConTourNet – 3D Content Creation, Coding and Transmission over Future Media Networks

Indiviidid, ühiskond, kultuur ja tervis (ISCH)
IS1104 The EU in the new complex geography of economic systems: models, tools and policy evaluation
IS1106 Offender Supervision in Europe
IS1107 European Network for Conflict Research (ENCoRe)
IS1105 NETwork of experts on the legal aspects of MARitime SAFEty and security (MARSAFENET)

Materjalid, füüsikalised ja nanoteadused (MPNS)
MP1106 Smart and green interfaces: from single bubbles/drops to industrial/environmental/biomedical applications
MP1105 Sustainable flame retardancy for textiles and related materials based on nanoparticles substituting conventional chemicals. (FLARETEX)

Valdkondade ülesed projektid
TD1104 European network for development of electroporation-based technologies and treatments Acronym – EP4Bio2Med
TD1107 Biochar as option for sustainable resource management
TD1105 European Network on New Sensing Technologies for Air-Pollution Control and Environmental Sustainability – EuNetAir
TD1106 Urban Agriculture Europe (UAE)

Transport ja linnaareng (TUD)
TU1105 NVH analysis techniques for design and optimization of hybrid and electric vehicles
TU1104 Smart Low Carbon Regions

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